MultiScale™ is a computer programme for the prediction of mineral deposition.

It is a real multiphase equilibrium program and it takes into account the phase distribution of the scale active gases. Water evaporation is also included in the model. The program can be used to predict the formation of the most common and troublesome mineral scales, – calcite, CaCO3, -siderite, FeCO3, -anhydrite, CaSO4, – gypsum, CaSO4 . 2H2O, – celestite, SrSO4, – barite, BaSO4, – halite, NaCl and – mackinawite, FeS. The present model is very flexible with respect to input data. It is well suited for pH and scale prediction in; process plants, oil recovery, geothermal wells, water pipelines, wastewater treatment plants etc. The model is also a valuable tool to design experiments where it is important to have control over pH, specie concentrations and saturation ratios.


MultiScale™ MEG module

MultiScale™ Process Simulation Module

MultiScale™ H2S Scavenger Module

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